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2 min readDec 26, 2019
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My name is Adrian. What should I write about my first post in Medium?

Perhaps I should write about me become a UX Researcher. Well nothing more to say. I am graduated from Hochschule Rhein-Waal, Germany, majoring Usability Engineering.

At first I have no idea about UX or usability engineering. Until in the end of first semester finally I could come up with the idea of the UX and my mind start to think, “ Is there any opportunities in Indonesia with this degree?”
I googled it “ UX Consultant in Jakarta” and there are several consultant agencies appeared in search result. I was happy.

However my first job as UX Researcher was in the biggest online TV streaming services in Indonesia, I learned the process of how digital product was build. What design thinking is? What the he*k design sprint is? What I am supposed to do to with usability testing result? and many basic 101 UX Researcher thingy.

How do I cope this issue?

It was easy. A solid product design team!! It was consist of :
* 1 UX/UI Manager
* 3 Senior UX/UI Designer
* 1 Graphic Designer
* 1 Senior UX Researcher

We did a lot of project together (different project,different team member) So as UX Researcher I get along so easy with each of them.

We updated each project by the good old “ Show and Tell” every day, communicating the research finding and the new design solution in Weekly Design Session every Wednesday and we had lunch together, we went vacation together and so on and so on.

What is the take away of this newborn article from the newborn member of medium?

No matter what skill you have, no matter how long your experience are, no matter how pixel perfect you are, no matter how good your designs are, no matter how unique your research findings are, the first thing you should put in your mind is communication between your own workmate your own team member.

Build the chemistry within the team. A long the way, hard skill is build by the process.





How do you…? Show me how you do it? Do you have something in mine about this? What is your biggest concern? Would you please elaborate? I just want to wrap up.