Looking back to what you have done

3 min readSep 9, 2020
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The illustration begin with two person, Abraham and Sari. Abraham is Sari’s manager. The story set in the work environment, between manager and his team. They are working together since 3–4 year ago. They are seems pretty good maintain the good teamwork and able to keep up the job or project beautifully.


However, as a manager he tried to keep himself content, not too strict, easy to communicate, and able to manage the expectation, until he became what is he afraid of, the Mr.Nice guy Manager. He tried to be better by control his team, let them finish their job, and give them another task and task, and let himself talking and blabbering circling around, suddenly he became what is he angry for, the Authoritarian Manager. He let himself drowning in the retrospective thinking what is wrong with him. He realised and get-up and wants to be a better manager. He is started to give a little space to their team, let them learning by themself, let the team running like a headless chicken. Until not so long ago, he became what is he angry for, the ignorant manager.


As Abraham’s subordinate, she has something in her mind, thinking that her manager is little bit stubborn. She thinks that her manager is not giving her a fair time of learning, by the time come she became what is she afraid of, the passive employee. She keeps her argue in her head, letting other opinions come to her mind, sinking in other people’s mind without letting her swimming back to surface, she became what is she angry for, the surrender employee. She tried and swim back to the surface and fighting to across the ocean. Until a certain time she is reaching to her goal and she became what is she unwanted for, the ungrateful employee.


Until some day, finally they had intense discussion commenting and discussing each other. Giving feedback, suggestion and resolution together. They were realised since the beginning of their time working together, it was only couple of time they had discussion and talking back and forth about their concern and expectation. Expressing what are their feeling and thinking, makes them a better team to working with. Retrospective save and help them to resolute together.

Surprise! Becoming what is you afraid of is really okay.

Photo by Kate Kalvach on Unsplash

What it is all about?

We have something to grasp on. We always have struggles. Unable to expressing your emotions towards your manager or your boss, expecting something without telling explicitly to your team, junior and senior hierarchy that you afraid will hurt your career or life, etc.

Until you realise it will rotten you from the inside, unless you have a talk and discuss about it, in this case to your manager or your boss.

By the time you live, there are countless experiences that you rarely realised that it is formed you become what you are today. Experiences either good, bad, unwanted, or expected are the incremental progress that you might not realised.

It is time for us to be grateful of what we have been through. You decide!




How do you…? Show me how you do it? Do you have something in mine about this? What is your biggest concern? Would you please elaborate? I just want to wrap up.